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 Resident Evil RPG - English Version

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Mensagens : 94
Data de inscrição : 15/03/2008
Idade : 27
Localização : Porto Alegre RS

MensagemAssunto: Resident Evil RPG - English Version   Qua Abr 30, 2008 11:08 pm

Name: Resident Evil RPG – ENGLISH VERSION
Used Program: RPG Maker XP
Production: Evilbiel
CoProduction: Dungeon Master
Support:Biohazard Network & Maker World
Game Modes:4 (History Mode,Wesker Mode,Bravo Team Mode, Nemesis Adventure)
Game`s Oficial Site: Resident Evil RPG Site
Used Systems: Change character from map, advanced messages, water reflection, Light and shadow effects, Text whit shadow effects,run

to download this game, acess this site: Maker World or the official website of the game!

Resident Evil RPG, is one project of a Fan-game of Resident Evil started by Evilbiel, and developed whit Dungeon Master, Based in the original Resident Evil 1 developed for PSX/SegaSaturn/PC, utilizing any elements of Resident Evil Rebirth, developed for GameCube!The game tell the history of one police team,named S.T.A..R.S that it goes investigate a mansion, where have reports of assassinations! The game have too extra modes unlockables whit adventures not even seen before (some fakes,don’t made part of the original timeline of the game), whit historys under the main history!
The Project come`s of the idea of play Resident Evil in one new perspective, in 2D graphics, better than Resident evil Gaiden (GameBoyColor)! We Are releasing now the last version, 2.1, corrected, definitive and revised and the English Version too to the foreign of plantion!

Note:This fan-game this have been created and adapted whit RPG Maker. In any moment, the team have intencion of winning credits using the logotype and the copyright of Capcom. Resident Evil RPG is a Fan-Game totaly free whit Production of Evilbiel and Co-Production of Dungeon Master, No is garanted the comercialization of the same!

Video Trailer of the Game in the Youtube!

Main Characters:

Name: Chris Reidfield
Description After be disposed of the air force,for don’t follow orders,Chris meet Barry,and become great friends.Chris become indicated for integrate the Alpha Team in Raccoon City for be a perite in weapons

Name:Jill Valentine
Description: Recognised by your inteligence and knowlegde by various eletronics dispositives she go to the Raccoon City for integrate the Alpha Team.He is very intelligent and have much courage,but she is not so strong.

Name: Barry Burton
Description: Ex-member of the S.W.A.T., Barry have one great knowledge of fire weapons. Yours sixteen years of experience make him the responsable for the weapons stora of S.T.A.R.S

Name: Albert Wesker
Description:Misterious and might, Wesker take the leadership of the Alpha Team. Beside your arrogance, he have Barry if your right arm, becaused he is one of few who knows if is wesker why make the S.T.A.R.S

Name: Rebecca Chambers
Description: Just recruited for the S.T.A.R.S, Rebecca have eighteen years and one vast knowledge of infermary. She works as nurse of the Bravo Team.

Name: John
Description: One Scientist why works for Umbrella in the research of the Arklay mansion.he managed to escape, but he no have other alternative, because have so much creatures in the mansion!Help wesker during the game.The main computer of the laboratory have your name whit login and one of the passwords is the name of your girlfriend!

Any images of the game:

together with the release of the game, we are publishing our team of Production of Games of Resident Evil and Survivor-Horrors, the FanHazard!
Enter now in our forum:
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Mensagens : 1
Data de inscrição : 02/03/2009

MensagemAssunto: Re: Resident Evil RPG - English Version   Seg Mar 02, 2009 12:56 pm

Hello, i just finished the game, but i ve got 2 questions because i didn t finished 100%

1) whats about the spear key
where to get it???

2) whats about the code you gain from Lisa in the small dark room in the garden with the red eyes
where is the panel for the code ??

Thanks for your superb work

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Mensagens : 47
Data de inscrição : 23/03/2008

MensagemAssunto: Re: Resident Evil RPG - English Version   Qua Mar 04, 2009 2:09 pm

Its Secret But

I TEll you

Its are up in the bau you found Rebecca in the panel of the Door....

and the Spear Key i dont remember o_o"
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MensagemAssunto: Re: Resident Evil RPG - English Version   

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Resident Evil RPG - English Version
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